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  You Need To Develop A Sophisticated Prospecting System
  You Need To Develop A Sophisticated Prospecting System
  • You want to sell more 
    You want to grow your business
    You want to share your personal expertise with a broader audience
    You are looking to switch careers/jobs
    You want to build your business brand
    You want to establish your personal brand
    You want to get promoted
    All of the above

Where Do You Do This And How Much Will It Cost You?

  • You can use FB and run ads or spend your day prospecting inside of FB groups...
  • ​You can invest in SEO campaigns and focus on your website and blog...
  • You can create Insta Stories and build your brand through images and Vlogs on Instagram or FB
  • ​You can create tweets on Twitter to attract attention...
  • You can build your influence on Tik-Tok dancing your way to fame... OR
  You can use LinkedIn And 10x your profits for a fraction of the cost!
 What You Can Expect In 90 Days of Prospecting (with us) On LinkedIn:

Up to 9000+ targeted outreach invitations sent on your behalf. These connections are prospected based on your ideal client, using key identifiers to target them. We then qualify them based on personality traits and conversation before you are asked to engage.

Daily posts to your feed, five days a week, written by our expert ghostwriters, designed to build your brand, spread virally, and generate the results you want. (if you choose to add content to your services) 

Profile overhaul including optimized and on-brand banner image, title, bio, and work experience.

Qualified leads! The number of leads we send to you are based on your bandwidth and personal capacity to offer high-quality services without imploding. 

Nurtured relationships and client acquisition. We take over your inbox and outreach so that you can do what you are good at - selling & servicing your clients!   

We build a custom dashboard and interactive education suite for each of our clients. This allows for you to communicate with your dedicated team of LinkedIn experts managing your prospecting and social selling campaigns.

This is time-intensive work, and highly customized to your unique personal brand and your audience. We will only work with you if I feel we can effectively adopt your voice and create content that will help you achieve your objectives.

  Hire Pivotous As Your LinkedIn Marketing Experts And We Do All Of The Heavy Lifting For You!

 LinkedIn “Done-For-You” Service.
 LinkedIn “Done-For-You” Service.
We add thousands of high-quality, targeted connections to each of our clients’ accounts every month. We’ve helped our clients close deals worth millions of dollars, filled up events, sold books, scheduled speaking engagements, receive offers of investment, and more.

this is a “done-for-you” service where we take care of everything for you. 

✔️  Optimization: Optimized profile, business page, and content. 

✔️  Growth: By adding tens of thousands of quality connections and followers to your personal network.

✔️  Social Relationship Management: The use of digital networks (specifically LinkedIn) as a channel for nurturing ongoing relationships with customers. 

✔️  Lead Generation: Generate leads and sales.

✔️  Personal Branding: We help you establish your expert status and build your circle of influence. We listen and respond to customer feedback online, and post user-generated content regarding your personal voice and brand.

​✔️  Professional Branding: We help you establish your business on LinkedIn and the strategies that ONLY work on LinkedIn (cross-collaborative branding)

✔️  Relationship Marketing: If you want people to trust you with their money, business, or time you must build a relationship, first. We help you do this by personality profiling your prospects and give you the tools to speak their "marketing love language."  This is done through the creation of compelling personal profiles that showcase a sales professional's expertise, credibility, and integrity. We work to find a common ground with potential buyers and channel partners.

​✔️  Appointment Scheduling: Our system books your appointments for you!

​✔️  Conversation Coach: We guide your conversations using advanced AI technology and personality profiling. (the "love language" of marketing)

✔️  Employee advocacy is when sales professionals or other staff leverage their own social presence to share positive news, stories, and insights about their company with their networks. This includes sharing content, responding to questions, connecting with industry leaders, and using industry- and company-related hashtags. We build your social selling infrastructure to encourage whole company support and awareness! 

​✔️  Convert Your Prospects: Prospecting is step one but converting is the end goal... We make sure you have the right tools and resources to convert your prospects into paying clients!

  Personality Profiling Your Prospects Is One Of The Easiest Ways To Deliver Netflix® Style Customized Experiences !


🔑 Relationship development
🔑 Introduction
🔑 Qualifying
🔑 Solidifying yourself as the go-to expert
🔑 Offering value they can’t find anywhere else
🔑 Delivering an irresistible offer
🔑 Speaking your prospect's marketing LOVE LANGUAGE
based on their personality
  Finding The Right People Is A Fundamental Pillar Of Applying Social Selling. 
Sales and marketing has evolved, the buying committee has shifted to having 6.8 people involved on average. Therefore, it becomes crucial to get to know those people to start influencing and building sustainable and long-term relationships with them.

What’s an extra sale worth to you? An extra client? How about increasing your pay by 50% this year, or boosting your company’s sales by 10%?

LinkedIn is a remarkable platform for building authentic relationships. It is the only platform that gives you access to someone's online resume, their personality type, and archetype, their email address, phone number, and generally gets you right to the physical person without the gatekeepers.

Content Strategy & Management- (Price for in-house team)

Personal and Business Page

$7,380.00 A Month

Automation & AI (Artificial Intelligence) Prospecting (Tools and Consultant)

Prospecting, Competitive Analysis, Targeting

$4,050.00 A Month

Professional Branding Expert

Personal and Business 

$2,250.00 A Month

Profiler & Outreach Consultant

Relationship Development and Nurturing

$2,500.00 A Month

Messaging Manager

Industry and Avatar Specific-Personal and Business Page. **Plus Conversation Guides: Attraction ↔ Conversion

$2,250.00 A Month

Analytics Monitor

Statistical Reporting Of Your Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Performance 

$2,250.00 A Month

Total Value: $20,680 per month
$20,680 a month value
You Only Pay $2,500 A Month

   $2,500 per month, with a 90-day minimum commitment. After that it’s month to month.

Not Ready For Our Done For You Service Yet? Click Here For Our D.I.Y. Consulting Service

If the monthly fee is outside your budget, no worries! We offer a customized consulting service and technical support option, the only difference is we build your integrated management solution and strategy, you do all the work (outreach and campaign management) yourself instead of my team and me doing it for you. (about 3 hrs a day) 



Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: Yes, you’ll need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to the Sales Professional level. You can upgrade to a monthly package, or pay a lower per-month fee if you pay annually. 

Q: Are you really going to log into my account?

A: Yes. When you work with us we create a custom gmail account for you at your.name@pivotous.co. This allows for us to create a custom portal for our team to manage your marketing outreach campaigns and to securely access your social accounts without you ever needing to give us your personal passwords. We do this by using the free Chrome extension LastPass. 

Q: Can I still use my account while you’re using it?

A: Absolutely! If we are sending out message you may see activity is your account as we are working but we setup a secure communication portal for you to speak with your personal account tech at all times, so if you ever have any questions or don't want to interrupt their work, you may easily contact our team.

Q: How often will you be in my account?

A: At least once per day, Mon-Fri, but likely more than once per day.

Q: How can you create content as though you were me, if you’re not me? Won’t it sound like someone else who isn’t me?

A: First we profile you. We have you take a few short 5 minute personality tests that will tell us how you communicate and articulate. Second, to ensure our team is creating content that is up to your standards, we create content that you approve and provide feedback on so we can note as template guideline. Over time our writers will become more and more familiar with your voice, style, desires, etc. and will be able to do a great job writing content that makes you say “Yes! That’s exactly what I want to say.”

Q: How can you possibly connect me with that many quality connections in three months? 

A: Prior to reaching out to new connections, we take the time to understand your business and who would best service your needs and wants. We then profile those individuals to see how they would self-identify on LinkedIn. Each industry has it's own "language" they use to identify their personal title and industry specific key phrases. We then utilize the filtering options LinkedIn so we can narrow in on exactly who you want to connect with.

Total Value: Priceless
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