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You don't need to become and expert to use LinkedIn as a profitable prospecting system. Let us build your industry and network specific strategy and guide!

What your LinkedIn Prospecting Guide will come with!
A step by step tutorial on how to overhaul your profile including optimization, on-brand banner image, title, bio, and work experience, industry comparison, recruiter or search query attraction, keywords that sell, tips on hacking the algorithm to move to the top 1% in your industry and network.

How to find up to 4,500+ new quality connections in your 1st 90 days of prospecting on LinkedIn. These connections will be the exact people you would like to connect with if you only had the time to reach out to all of them.

What kind of daily posts you should be focusing on designed to build your brand, spread virally, and generate the results you want.

Exact instructions on how to turn your new connections into 30 to 100 leads per month, generated from a combination of posts and direct messages.

In addition, we’ll show you how to keep your LinkedIn Messages inbox clean. What tools will assist your success and how to use them. 

Running your own LinkedIn outreach campaigns can be time consuming but we will show you the most efficient methods for success. 

🔑 Relationship development
🔑 Introduction
🔑 Qualifying
🔑 Solidifying yourself as the go-to expert
🔑 Offering value they can’t find anywhere else
🔑 Delivering an irresistible offer
🔑 Speaking your prospect's marketing LOVE LANGUAGE
based on their personality

We'll teach you how to do this, step-by-step, so that YOU can unlock the secrets to making money on LinkedIn...

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Technical Support and Setup
LinkedIn “Do-it-Yourself Consulting Service
We will instruct you on how to connect with thousand of high-quality, targeted prospects each and every month. We have helped our clients close deals worth millions of dollars, filled up their events, sell books, schedule speaking engagements, get offers of investment, and more.

After instructing 1000's of Individuals On How To Use LinkedIn As A Prospecting Tool We Realized The Hardest Part Was Understanding The Different Tools and Programs That Are Needed To Run Successful Campaigns...

So now we do all of the technical setup for you. 

✔️  We design your custom blueprint for success so that you can focus on your end goal... MORE CUSTOMERS!

✔️  We Show You How To: Create original compelling content. Leverage that content to grow your career or business. 

✔️  Run Lead Generation Campaigns: Generate leads and sales.

✔️  Build Up You Personal Brand: We show you how to establish your expert status and build your circle of influence. How to find, define, and refine your personal brand. 

​✔️  Professional Branding: We show you how to establish your business on LinkedIn and the strategies that ONLY work on LinkedIn (cross-collaborative branding)

✔️  Relationship Marketing: If you want people to trust you with their money, business, or time you must build a relationship, first. We show you how to do this by profiling your prospects and give you the tools to speak their "marketing love language."

​✔️  Appointment Scheduling: Learn how to books endless meetings and introductions with your new connections.  

​✔️  Convert Your Prospects: Prospecting is step one but converting is the end goal... We make sure you have the right tools and resources to convert your prospects into paying clients!

Weekly Webinars 🔥 Technical Support


What you will It Cost You To Learn Through Trial and Error?? 💲💲💲💲

Modern marketing is complex and requires a wide variety of skills and a breadth of knowledge that can take years to acquire. Your business can’t limp along until you’ve learned everything you need to know about digital marketing.
As you scale, you need to focus your time and energy on activities only you can do. Marketing is absolutely crucial to your business’s long-term success. Your job is to run your company so let us do your technical development and you can manage your outreach campaigns and conversational responses without having to become an expert of multiple different integrated software solutions! 

Tap Into Our Team Of: 
Content Strategists
Automation & AI Prospecting Specialists
Professional Branding Experts
Profiling & Outreach Consultants
Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Experts
Analytics Monitoring Specialists
  Total Value: Priceless
You Only Pay $1500

Then $300 A Month Thereafter For Technical Support, Mastermind Community Access, Monthly Group Coaching Calls With Our Sales And Marketing Experts
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Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: Yes, you’ll need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to the Business Professional level. You can upgrade to a monthly package, or pay a lower per-month fee if you pay annually.

Q: How much time should I spend on LinkedIn a day?

A: It depends on what you offer or sale. On average you will need to spend about 60-90 minutes a day responding to messages and your automated tools will run for 60-90 minutes a day. 

Q: Can I Prospecting using LinkedIn without spamming my connections?

A: Absolutely! LinkedIn is about building relationships with other professionals and through strategic positioning attracting the right people that are in the market for your products and services now! When you put yourself in the right place and the right time you don't have to sell your services because they are already primed to buy. 

  Total Value: Priceless
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Pivotous | Copyright ©2019 | All Rights Reserved
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